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Transfer Day post – 20 july by kiwicyclist
July 29, 2011, 5:18 pm
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Photos from the stage to Gap now added to my July 20 post.  What struck me the most about that day was the expression on the faces of the first half of the field as they came in – everyone was giving it maximum effort including Cadel.  Until you see the shot of Cav..saving his energy for another day.



Really, really long time between drinks by kiwicyclist
June 28, 2011, 4:39 pm
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Yes guilty as charged. 

I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve been back to this little place – and a lot has been going on in cycling land for the Tori.  Marcus and I completed a fairly good showing over the summer racing the Sandown Vets crits, a combined group of Tori and 8 Legs riders completed the Murray to Moyne 527k ride again in just about the worst conditions you could imagine, and I have been busy training over the past 2 months to get into condition for my first trip across to France for the Tour.

In amongst all of that I’ve participated in the first two events for the Dirty Deeds cyclocross races this month on my new cross rig which will get its own post when I get back from Europe in 2 months time.  The series keeps on getting better and better – a cap imposed on A and B grade of 40 riders in the cyclocross category meant that there were a number of disappointed riders who missed out.  Have a look at the dirty deeds blog for a full write up:  http://dirtydeedscx.blogspot.com/

Photo from the event here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewbellphotos/5850133393/in/set-72157626995961706/ by Andrew Bell Photography.

And to cap it all off I snuck out last Sunday and rode in my fourth Melburn Roobaix event over the backstreet cobblestone alleys of Melbourne for 4 hrs with about 1000 other riders.  It was again a cracker under glorious Melbourne sunshine.

I am going to be taking my cameras across to France with me and hope to find time to post up some shots and commentary on how we go.   I will be travelling with my good friend Mark from NZ and we are travelling with Sports Tours International doing just under 2 weeks in the Pyrennees, Mt Ventou, the Alps and back to Paris.  We start on 12 July in Paris and our first riding day is on 14 July – the stage that ends on top of Luz Ardiden.

Stay tuned until then.


Ride West Africa by marcusoc
December 6, 2010, 1:05 pm
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A very short plug for a blog that might be of interest to our audience (or is that the singular “audient”?).


Two of my nephews along with two other mates are currently riding 8500kms through West Africa including traversing part of the Sahara. They are raising money to assist with breaking child slavery. Take a look and leave a comment or, even better, make a donation.

The boys are into Week 5 – check the diary tab for updates. 10% climbs in the middle of the Sahara with landmines to your right and left makes for pretty interesting reading.


Race Report – Southern Vets by marcusoc
September 2, 2010, 2:11 pm
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Have posted a report on the Southern Vets Club Champs on the velominati site

Click there to take a look and maybe have a laugh at my expense!

How to get up in winter to ride rapha comp – marketing genius? by kiwicyclist
June 2, 2010, 11:42 pm
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It was with some interest that yesterday I read through the comments over at cyclingtipsblog to Wade’s competition to provide ideas to get him off his arse and out of bed now that winter has ‘officially’ arrived in Melbourne. Getting out of bed at 5.30am – are you kidding? That’s a sleep-in for some of us over at Squadra HQ.

What was disturbing was the level of interest generated by free Rapha kit – such is the pulling power of the iconic brand – like hipsters to a cheap deal on candy colored Velocity B43s readers were all over the comp like a bad rash – gear whores that we are, it said much about all of us that we jumped in with such wild abandon to contribute – suckers for a quality freebie – your humble correspondent being as guilty as any.

However among many wise and witty suggestions I noticed this little gem and to the author I tips my hat – well played sir. Surely a winning entry if ever I read one.

Mrs Kiwicyclist somehow didn’t find it as funny as I did.

“Nothing in life comes for free….. so with that in mind i am willing to trade for Rapha….

One slightly used almost 30 year old female, am willing to throw in clothing, make-up and her CD collection for good measure.

How will this help my winter training you ask?
1. I will get a restful 8 hours sleep without a bed hog
2. I will be able to carbo load without fear of having to eat salad or veggies
3. No whinging when my alarm goes off at 5am
4. I can turn the lights on as soon as the alarm goes off
5. No whinging when i wear my Rapha cycling kit to bed the night before as suggested above
6. I can relax at coffee after the ride for as long as is required to warm up without fear of retribution
7. The money i save from being single due to this post will mean that i will be able to save up and buy a wattbike, a shut up legs t-shirt, a set of C-4 wheels and shop daily at Bike Force so i look PRO once summer comes around.

I shall start packing her stuff now…. tell me where to forward it to please? ”


The Lance doeth protest too little methinks by marcusoc
May 21, 2010, 12:09 am
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If you haven’t already seen it, below is a link to Lance’s rejection of Floyd Landis’ allegations of doping.


To my mind Floyd has made very specific allegations which Armstrong hasn’t very specifically denied. Example: Floyd said he collected his first batch of EPO (Eprex)  from Lance at Lance’s house in full view of Lance’s (very hot – my insertion) wife.

Now that is a pretty specific allegation. If it wasn’t true, why didn’t Lance clearly state that this didn’t occur – possibly saying something like, “Yes, Floyd has been to my house many times which makes the allegation easy to make, but I can categorically say that I have never handed him any drugs. Why don’t you ask my ex-wife..etc etc.”

Now maybe Lance didn’t do that because of the hearings that previously involved his wife and Mr and Mrs Frankie Andreu. But he coulda said something which sought to specifically dismiss this couldn’t he?

Instead, in his press conference, Lance’s first comment on the allegations goes straight to attacking the credibility of Floyd (of which Floyd has none by the way so he is flogging a dead horse), rather than the allegation itself. Lance has gone straight to “playing the man”. Here is Lance’s response:

“But with regard to the specific allegations and the specific claims, they are not even worth getting into. I’m not going to waste your time or my time. I think history speaks for itself here [“How so Lance?”]. We’ve all followed this case for the last four years…” And he goes on to talk about Landis history of lying and the Tour disqualification.

Lance then goes on with fairly mealy mouthed general statements rather than specific denials. To wit:

Why did he pin-point you and Johan Bruyneel?

“He didn’t. He pin-pointed a lot of people and I mean, let’s be honest. Obviously my name will be at the top of the story and my name will be in the headline.”

Ah Lance, I think by mentioning you, your missus and Eprex, we can safely say he DID pin-point you.

“Floyd leave me alone. Do what you have to do, I’m going to be fine, don’t worry about me but you have to stop texting me, annoying me, you have to stop harassing me.”

“Do what you have to do, I’m going to be fine”. Is that what you would say to a fella who has told you he is about to tell the world (what you say are) lies about you? I don’t think so. I would be telling Floyd that if he tells lies about me then he will be dealt with, etc. Just a weird thing to say Lance – even if I did say to Floyd that “I will be fine” I wouldn’t be telling people I said it.

“We have a person who has been under oath several times with a completely different version, written a book with a completely different version, someone that took money. He said he has no proof. It is his word versus ours. We like our word. We like where we stand and we like our credibility. I don’t think there is a lot of credibility on the other side so why would ASO think any differently.”

True enough, but Lance, why not give us something that more clearly illustrates your innocence and/or the impossibility of Landis’ statements?

Having read David Walsh’s book, “From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France”, these answers from Lance are redolent of his earlier responses to other allegations. Carefully worded general statements of innocence combined with specific attacks on the allegation-maker, rather than specific denials of the allegation itself.

Not the most convincing display Lance.

Motta Singlespeed by kiwicyclist
May 2, 2010, 5:24 am
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Photos of my new Motta singlespeed collected from Shifterbikes on 1.5.10.

I took it for a spin this morning to Mordy.  It rides really nice – noticeably stiffer than my Merckx.

Spec list:

Frame:  Gianni Motta 2001 Personal model – 55cm columbus SL (nos from late 90s era)
Cranks:  campy strada 170 cranks, fyxomatosis 47T chainring
Post: campy record polished
stem: 3ttt Masi engraved, mavic bars
levers: record
wheelset – white industries fixed/free hubs, DT spokes to 32h mavic open pros, 17t white industries freehub
brakes – campy monoplaner – silver anodised
saddle:  arione