Squadra di Vecchi Tori

Specialized Ad by kiwicyclist
July 16, 2010, 11:51 am
Filed under: Making Fun of Others

I don’t know about you but apart from enjoying the drama and agony of this year’s Tour,  I’m not getting sick of the Specialized Ad featuring Contador and Schleck that is running on the SBS coverage each night which can be found here:


Sure beats that excrutiating jingle ‘I got..I got my bike…I got my bike from ..”

What makes the ad so good it that it captures neatly the type of chest beating and typical baiting that goes on among a bunch of mates who ride together a lot. 

The Squadra are no different and you could say that one or two have PHD’s in trashtalk.  

So, in the spirit of generating some interest in my idea of the “Not the TDF Toro Challenge” mentioned in yesterday’s post I give you my version of the excellent Specialized Ad   (any resemblance to living people, contributers to this blog or real events that may or may not have happened is entirely coincidental…):




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1. Pretty sure you have never beat me up the 1 in 20 and my best time is in the 18s (which is still slow – but that is ok because I am not a climber) – though this was many years ago.

2. I sat out one turn before unleashing fearsome power at the M2M. You may not have been aware of this as you were suffering post-traumatic stress following your pathetic showing the day before.

3. Yes you are going faster than me up Yarra St right now but that is because I am peaking in two months.


Comment by Marcus

oh yeah, and I crashed at 95kph+. How do I know? Because that was what the driver of the car I underpassed just before my crash told the ambulance officers!

Comment by Marcus

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