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Long time between drinks by kiwicyclist
July 15, 2010, 6:27 am
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Yup, bit slow getting an update on the site I know.

Call it TDF distractions getting in the way, lack of sleep or inspiration.  ANYWAY aside from working on a nice winter layer of blubber and hoovering up as much of the TDF as possible some of us are still dragging ourselves out of bed several times a week for some winter riding.  In fact most Thursdays a small group of us are staging our own ‘King of the Mountain” competition doing Yarra St repeats off  Kew Boulevard.  We are up to 6 ascents in a session steadily working our way towards 10.  (If that sounds like a fair effort it pales in comparison to Matt Lloyd’s rumoured record of THIRTY ascents in a single session).

Each session has been followed by a lot of email trash talk afterwards – the longest of which lasted for 2 whole days.  For example we know that one of the group must eat a lot of carrots because he has excellent eyesight in the dark to see a pair of heels disappearing so far up the hill ahead  and one has had his manhood challenged for riding a 25 cog on occasion. 

The talk has led to suggestions of an omnium being held to even out the odds and to cover all specialities – call it the ‘not the TDF Toro challenge’. 

Details will be revealed in the coming weeks but it may involve a combination of (a) no. of  (seated) ascents in a single session up Yarra St (for those who do not live in Melbourne it is 16% at its steepest) using a gear no smaller than the 23 rear cassette – and no compact crankset shame allowed (b) a time trial along the length of Kew Boulevard (c) a flat stage for the sprinters/tt specialists, say Black rock to Pattisons lake turnoff, (d) fastest up the 1 n 20  in the Dandenongs and perhaps some other events – most pots consumed over the bar of the Malvern in a half hour  perhaps? –  straight line sprint on kids 16” bikes? – suggestions are most welcome – post in the comments section below.

Speaking of the winter layer and for some the need for inspiration to get up early and ride, the Squadra team kit has arrived at last and some us have discovered our size selection was ‘aspirational’ to say the least – guilty as charged in my case.  Nevertheless the kit looks the business and we are grateful for the hard work done by the squadra kit committee.

The suppliers were Champion Systems Australia and the entire process was fairly quick and easy at around 6 weeks from providing the design to the final product arriving from Hong Kong to Melbourne.  The quality is great, the price excellent value and given the number of sets of kit we originally ordered (around 20) we can order additional individual items pretty easily.  Champion Systems Australia can be found here: http://champ-sys.com.au/ 

Special mention should also go to Pidge who designed the logo and layout.  He runs his own graphic design business and can be found here http://www.pidgeon.com.au/

 Some early shots of the kit – better to follow later.


Marcus was rash enough to suggest whichever of the two of us won a race wearing the new kit first would have to buy the other a beer – so I’m looking forward to calling on that offer this coming Friday.

My results from C grade track Tuesday night – 1st scratch race, 1st progressive points race and 3rd in the motorpace.

Some photos from the night.

Nice vintage bikes:

And some of the action from the night – A grade:



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Nice post Kiwi – The gear looks good, even if yours (and mine) is a little tight!
A few clarifications:
1. For those of us not in Melbourne, Yarra st is 16% at its steepest?
i) you are making a huge assumption that anyone outside of Melb reads this (if there is someone let us know); and
ii) dunno where you got 16% from but lets be honest, from bottom to peak its about a 10% avg grade and about 400m long.
2. a flat stick go along beach rd is not something I will be up for! Mucho Dangeroso!

Comment by Marcus

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