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Dirty Deeds Cyclocross – race 1 27 June by kiwicyclist
June 21, 2010, 5:10 pm
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As I’ve mentioned a while back,  I will be competing in the 3 race cyclocross being run under the auspices of my cycling club on Sunday afternoon.  I will be riding this: https://torosvecchi.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/cross-bike/

I had to make a mechanical assistance pitstop into Shifterbikes on Saturday to have the bike attended to after spending a frustrating 2hrs cursing my bike, tools, lack of mechanical know-how etc the previous Sunday trying vainly to change the front crank and shorten the chain by taking out some links.  

Sometimes you have to know your own limitations and although I like to give myself credit for trying, there are many things mechanical I should clearly not try and shortening my chain is one of them.  Lesson for the uninitiated – don’t try to remove the attachment pin all the way out as its virtually impossible to get them back in – which is why I had to take my dismantled and somewhat the worse for wear bike in to see ShifterDan to get the damn thing fixed.

While I was in there we chatted about the upcoming race – he is planning on riding a stunning geared black Yeti sram force equipped cross bike (running edge composite carbon wheels) which I anticipate will mean a likely win for him – last year he came second in the first ghetto cross race off Kew Boulevard riding a 7.5kg titanium singlespeed to Wade Wallace riding a geared Mooks – my money is on Dan for the win running gears. 

Me – I’ll be back in the pack or hanging off the back in the mud grinding away on in one gear – having fun trying something different for a change.

If you are in town and looking for some entertainment swing by, bring beer, cow bells and your lungs for heckling – it should be a laugh.   Registration is at midday and racing will be at 1pm and 2pm respectively for around 45mins or so each.

I’ll be wearing the Team NZ skinsuit.



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