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Honey I am back from my Ride by marcusoc
June 15, 2010, 2:57 pm
Filed under: Making Fun of Others

Welcome to the next instalment of Thelma and Vincent. Episode II: Honey I Am Back From My Ride.

Our ill-fated star has returned from his ride and he is greeted by his loving companion who is none too pleased that he has retreated to his office.

And so it begins.

You can see Episode I here

Please note that Thelma and Vincent are a COMPLETE FABRICATION and have NO CONNECTION, I repeat, NO CONNECTION with any domestic or other relationship enjoyed by any Squadra member, particularly me.

If you like the adventures of Thelma and Vincent, feel free to leave a comment below. There have been over 15,000 hits on the first cartoon episode and not one comment on this blog. Where is the love?


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[…] Honey I am back from my Ride […]

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How I understand Vincent, my girl doesn’t like my bike too! Why is it so?

Comment by Mile

Mucas – Honey l am back from my ride is freakin’ hilarious
Can you give me your pool man’s number?

Comment by bec


Comment by Lee Mitchell

Absolutely hilarious! Second episode more-so than the first, but both very well done!

Comment by Beth

Great stuff Marcus…..just found your blog and have it bookmarked. I’ll be back for sure. See you on the road sometime. Pink and Blue lycra right?

Comment by Craig Corrigan

Just caught these over at cyclingtipsblog.com. Brilliant. Loved ’em. Thanks for the laughs – made me feel like I’m not alone!

Comment by David McQuillen

someone is eavesdropping on my house.

Comment by douglas

Hilarious! Just forwarded this to my wife…..

Comment by Gaffer

I say…. at least I am not alone !!!!! Thelma..what to do? Do we have to threaten divorce and leave them with their bike as their only asset?? What is the cycling world coming to? Wake up and smell the family!!!
Men.. honestly , is that what you are shooting for?

Comment by Annie

“He is a flash in the pan, who was most likely juiced to the eyeballs when he won the Tour of Italy…”

Love it. This is why I say, encourage your wife/girlfriend/lady friend to ride too. Encourage encourage, or she’ll get on your power intervals.

Comment by Helmets are Hot

Marcus mate, what’s with the opening statement regarding Thelma and Vincent being a “COMPLETE FABRICATION?” Had some difficult questions at home!?

Comment by Nick

Couldn’t be my house Nick – Thelma and Vincent speak to each other.

Comment by Marcus

This is brilliant!

Comment by ablackdogbarking

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