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Ridewiser Body Temple Program – second update by marcusoc
June 3, 2010, 4:28 pm
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Kiwicyclist and I are now in Week 1 of Crowey’s Winter Weight Loss Program or, as it is more formally known, the “Body Temple Program”. My body has been less Temple, more Amusement Park since the Murray to Moyne so I am in ideal “before shot” condition.

For those of you who don’t know him, Rob Crowe is a pro cyclist, Olympian, cycling coach and all round good guy who has forgotten more than most will ever know about “you know what” – and he knows a lot about cycling too. Even though he still dominates A Grade crits around Melbourne, lets just say Crowe aint your average emaciated cyclist. Accordingly he is “part of the program” too.

The program began last Friday with a group “lecture” from Crowey where he laid out the principles we are to follow. These cannot be revealed as they are top secret, available only to Body Temple Grasshoppers. The briefing took place on a Friday night between 5:30 and 7pm. In what I can only guess was a reflection of the intent of this program no beer was served. At a conservative guess, this would make it the first time I have been “dry” during that time period on a Friday in over 12 years. Guess this is serious.

It was good to see a few guys and girls turn up who will no doubt benefit from the program. Some of us were prepared to pose for a couple of before shots on the night.

Check out the rear tyre on Nordic Girl (the tyre on the bike that is).

Crowey has promised that if we stick to our program we will soon end up looking like this.

and this


For those of you wondering (presuming somebody actually has read this far), the purpose of this post was really an excuse to get a few of the above photos up on our blog. The alternative article using these photos, “Big and Burly: Viking Chicks and their Bikes”, probably wasn’t going to get too many hits.

Will report back with a progress update shortly.


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