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Lance Armstrong Tests Positive for Doping? by marcusoc
June 2, 2010, 5:27 pm
Filed under: Making Fun of Others, Pro Cycling

Now for another crazy story in cycling.

There are strong rumours of Fabian Cancellara’s motorised doping along with an equally strong denial published in L’Equipe. Check out the links for the maddest story in cycling in quite a while. And that includes the story of a rider found guilty of doping a few years back who was allowed to keep riding for a few more seasons and was then finally banned. He was allowed to keep some of his post-ban results, but not all – see if you can guess his name. It starts with Alejandro Valverde.

But back to Spartacus – short story is that there is a Youtube video (in Italian with English subtitles) which puts forward the argument that:

1.  Bikes can have a little (and quiet) motor placed inside the seat tube which is completely invisible on an external view. The engine can power a bike at up to 50kph and is operated via a button underneath the brake hood. This video seeks to add some credibility to its name by having a former (and very ordinary) Italian rider, Davide Cassani, explain the workings of the bike.

2. The second part of the video shows “suspicious film” of Cancellara’s winning rides at Roubaix and Flanders where he makes “unnatural accelerations” whilst making odd hand movements around his bars. But it should be noted that the video states upfront that “does not seek to blame anyone”. Just explains how one might cheat then shows a rider who looks like he is employing those measures. For the sake of Cassani and his pals, I am hoping Italian defamation laws are slightly different to ours!

The video is worth watching, if only for background of the Belgian (I believe) commentators’ exclamations of amazement at the Spartacus accelerations. And that footage isn’t getting old any time soon.

In terms of incriminating evidence, I don’t think its time to lock up Cancellara and throw away the key – yet. I personally don’t believe it for a second (April Fools 2 months late?) but the motor has just gone straight to the top of my “Bike Accessory I Am Going to Buy Next” list.

And as for the headline to this post, all I can say is that on seeing the Youtube video, and with Roid Landis’ Lance Drug Allegations in mind, a quick Google search brought me to the latest Trek Madone that Lance is planning on unveiling at this year’s Tour.

Whilst it comfortably exceeds the 6.8kg UCI weight minimum, think it still might raise some eyebrows…


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