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How to get up in winter to ride rapha comp – marketing genius? by kiwicyclist
June 2, 2010, 11:42 pm
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It was with some interest that yesterday I read through the comments over at cyclingtipsblog to Wade’s competition to provide ideas to get him off his arse and out of bed now that winter has ‘officially’ arrived in Melbourne. Getting out of bed at 5.30am – are you kidding? That’s a sleep-in for some of us over at Squadra HQ.

What was disturbing was the level of interest generated by free Rapha kit – such is the pulling power of the iconic brand – like hipsters to a cheap deal on candy colored Velocity B43s readers were all over the comp like a bad rash – gear whores that we are, it said much about all of us that we jumped in with such wild abandon to contribute – suckers for a quality freebie – your humble correspondent being as guilty as any.

However among many wise and witty suggestions I noticed this little gem and to the author I tips my hat – well played sir. Surely a winning entry if ever I read one.

Mrs Kiwicyclist somehow didn’t find it as funny as I did.

“Nothing in life comes for free….. so with that in mind i am willing to trade for Rapha….

One slightly used almost 30 year old female, am willing to throw in clothing, make-up and her CD collection for good measure.

How will this help my winter training you ask?
1. I will get a restful 8 hours sleep without a bed hog
2. I will be able to carbo load without fear of having to eat salad or veggies
3. No whinging when my alarm goes off at 5am
4. I can turn the lights on as soon as the alarm goes off
5. No whinging when i wear my Rapha cycling kit to bed the night before as suggested above
6. I can relax at coffee after the ride for as long as is required to warm up without fear of retribution
7. The money i save from being single due to this post will mean that i will be able to save up and buy a wattbike, a shut up legs t-shirt, a set of C-4 wheels and shop daily at Bike Force so i look PRO once summer comes around.

I shall start packing her stuff now…. tell me where to forward it to please? ”



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