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The Good Cadel and The Bad Cadel by marcusoc
May 31, 2010, 9:35 am
Filed under: Pro Cycling

Whilst it was disappointing to see Cadel Evans miss out on the overall at the Giro, I felt there were plenty of positives to take from his efforts. He rode strongly and with panache for pretty much the whole race.

The Good Cadel

His victory at Montalcino was as good a win as one could ever see. Combine that with his dogged display on the Zoncolan, his TT on the Plan de Corones and continued fight to the end (including that little break at the end of the Gavia stage), you could say he put on a great show and was simply beaten by better riders. Incidentally, I am glad one of the winners didn’t come from one of the beneficiaries of the big break on the L’Aquila stage.

Evans also appeared positive to the media throughout – even congratulating/encouraging his team at every opportunity (“I’m proud of them”, etc etc) when they really were rubbish.

I thought this was a really healthy change for Our Cadel and that he had turned the corner into becoming (outwardly anyway) more of a “leader” and more positive.

The Bad Cadel

But then we read this morning’s article on cyclingnews, “Evans reveals he overcame illness to finish the Giro“. The article in a nutshell – I got sick before the L’Aquila stage, doc told me to quit, I didn’t and rode on. “I lost the biggest margin of form with the illness and that cost me perhaps a couple of places overall.” Blah blah blah.

Why he feels the need to slide in excuses/explanations like this at the end of a race is beyond me. Cadel, its a grand tour – invariably every rider has issues (anyone remember Basso/Nibali having the crash and ensuing difficulties on the Montalcino stage?). It was good that you kept your gob shut until after the race, but what is the point of mentioning it now? Just makes you sound like you are having a whine – you got beat, congratulate the winner (which you did), talk positively about the future and the other Aussies (you did) and take Chiara and your dog for a holiday. Move on without leaving this nasty footnote to your race.

Excuses are like backsides – everyone has one and they all stink. Let your riding do the talking or simply be positive at all times – you seemed to do this ok when talking about Lloyd and Porte so I guess you are getting better.

This aside, chapeau for your fine riding – and the points win means in years to come (when people forget how few flat stages there were) you will always be able to say that you were the first Aussie to win the Sprinter’s jersey at the Giro!


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