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SBD, its all about the name. by mpozzi
May 27, 2010, 2:59 pm
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If we are to believe there are such cycling characters as “SBDs” riding amongst us, then we need to understand how they ended up choosing their steed of choice. Is it just being able to say the name of the bike over coffee, is it that they aspire to be and look like the tanned champion who rode said bike to the dizziest heights of cycling……….victory in Le Tour or is it just plain old fashioned “SBD” – money is no object I’ll just buy it.

This led me to survey the group and test the theory thrown forward.  Since Le Tour began in 1903 statistics on maker of steed ridden by the winner show:

Maker Victories Rider Last
Peugeot 10 Petit-Breton, Pingeon, Pottier, Thévenet 1977
Gitane 9 Anquetil, Van Impe, Hinault, Fignon 1984
Trek 9 Armstrong, Contador 2009
Pinarello 8 Delgado. Indurain, Riis, Ullrich, Pereiro 2006
Merckx 5 Merckx 1974
Bianchi 4 Coppi, Gimondi, Pantani 1998
Bottecchia 1 LeMond 1989
Colnago 1 Nencini 1960

If the “SBD” emerged in 1999 with the advent of Lance, then one could argue that they started watching Le Tour at the same time. So gone are those classic French brands Peugeot and Gitane (not to be confused with the French cigarette of choice Gitanes) whose last victories are now lost in time. By doing so, it greatly assisted the theory as it removed champion riders foreign to the “SBD”, namely Thévenet,  Anquetil, Van Impe, Hinault and Fignon, all again pre Lance.

With one and two gone the fight was over for 1 of the remaining 6 marques. The score, brand Europe (now predominantly Italian) 5 vs brand USA 1. If there was ever to be a classic breakaway by brand USA in claiming 9 of 11 past Le Tour’s it was not going to last. Brand Europe just pulled out the history of the peletons first name that goes with their steed, Fausto,  Pedro, Miguel, Bjarne, Jan, Marco and well tanned Oscar. Like the maker, these names sound exotic and expensive also.

Brand USA had just bonked and in rode the “SBD” on the their on steed of choice, invariably Colnago or Pinarello, indicating that the herd mentality and the dollars I dropped for this little baby are the two real drivers for frame choice rather than Le Tour victories. And if any more evidence was needed, why would an “SBD” want to be named Lance let alone ride a Trek!

This was always about the bike……………………………long live the “SBD”.



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Dear Poz or should I say Mr.(piece of crap aluminium) Wilier,

1. You credit the SBD with doing way too much thinking. The SBD is a lemming. They just get the most expensive bike they can buy which they think is cool – and this is usually dictated by what the SBD’s riding mates have bought.

2. Even though your bike table is meaningless as far as SBD purchasing influences go, it also looks to me like it is seriously flawed. A quick count of the total victories in your table comes to 47. Think you are missing a few – think Lemond etc?

Maybe you should untag this post from “Making Fun of Others” and set up a new category – “Crap by Pozzi”.


Comment by marcusoc

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