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Mt Macedon – Hanging Rock Ride by nmcarr
May 26, 2010, 4:59 am
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Pidge and I grabbed the bikes last Friday evening and drove down to Macedon (45min) for a ride up Mt. Macedon in the morning. We made a mandatory stop at the Gisbone Pub for one or a few ‘Square Bears’ (Bundy and Coke for those who have yet to get on the Bundy band wagon) with the local boys … tough stickers and all. We hadn’t quite worked them out, but I sensed we knew what they were thinking … two blokes getting away to the country with a whole lot of cycling gear and drinking some fancy can out of the ‘back fridge’ … think ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

Feeling a bit wobbley

Anyway, any concerns I had quickly disipated. The locals were getting a little friendly, so Pidge and I finish our cans of liquid black gold, and staying true to our specific cycling diet, picked up our Chinese take-away (later discovered to be without order of special fried rice … hmmm).

2km of fun

Anyway, the ride was fantastic. Discovering how farking cold it was (-3 degrees) and that I had under packed wasn’t great, but the ride up and down Mt Macedon was. 13% gradient was a test, but the scenery was spectacular.

Up anyone?

We also did a couple of laps of Hanging Rock which was also pretty striking. We have fine turned the route and plan to get Team Toro out there for a tour and BBQ at Pidge’s shortly.

Hanging Rock

See our orginal route link.


View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


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Nice work boys. Next time try Daylesford for your weekend away. Your kind are more readily accepted up there.

Comment by marcusoc

Given you wrote ‘The Gay’s Guide to Getaway’s’, you would know Mate!

Comment by nmcarr

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