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Eurosport and the Giro by marcusoc
May 20, 2010, 12:14 am
Filed under: Biased Generalisations, Pro Cycling

For those with Eurosport via Foxtel, the coverage of the Giro has had as many ups and downs as the race itself. They have an uncanny knack for timing ad breaks with times when breaks are being made in the race itself. It wouldn’t be so bad if the ads were about something other than telling us to watch sport (mainly cycling) on Eurosport, ie. if Eurosport was actually getting an earn out of the ad, you couldn’t really blame them. But instead we get our cycling coverage interrupted by ads to watch cycling on Eurosport.

“Mr. Eurosport, I was watching ‘Cycling on Eurosport’ until you put your ad on telling me to watch ‘Cycling on Eurosport’. Now I am watching an ad for ‘Cycling on Eurosport’. As soon as the ad for ‘Cycling on Eurosport’ finishes, rest assured I will go right back to watching ‘Cycling on Eurosport’.”

Main commentator David Harmon is endearingly enthusiastic but gee he makes some howlers – still better than Liggett though. Last night’s finish was particularly notable in that he mistook the stage winner Evgeni Petrov for his Katusha teammate, Giampaolo Caruso – not for a second or two, but for the whole of his finish and minutes after. This led to a few minutes of waxing lyrical about Italy finally getting their first stage win. An advert came on (funnily enough, for ‘Cycling on Eurosport’) and on return, Harmon says something like, “actually it’s Evgeni Petrov, sorry for the mistake”. Didn’t really worry me too much as I was still trying to work out WTF Vino, Cadel and Liquigas were doing. But then Harmon won my affections back by making a true apology – to quote, “That was an absolutely rubbish piece of commentary and I really do apologise.” – very British of him. Hope the (former) GC leaders take a leaf out of Harmon’s book and all do some apologising rather than blaming others for shooting themselves in the foot.

And it would have been nice of Eurosport to stay with the coverage long enough to see another Aussie put on some pink.

And as for co-commentator Sean Kelly, its almost like Harmon has to coax words out of him with questions like, “Would you have liked racing in today’s conditions Sean?”

And the stunning brevity of his answers is only challenged by his inability to impart anything meaningful to the viewers. In response to the question above, “Yes…[massive pause]..” followed by a few inanities about riding in the rain, “it gets very wet for the riders”. Thanks Captain Obvious! 

Would far prefer to listen to Matt Keenan but the SBS coverage sees him doing voiceovers of shots that look like they were taken out of a helicopter with one of those sh-tty cameras that get used for home porn videos.

Might have to go back to redtube, I mean, live streaming tonight.

In the meantime, go Richie Porte – almost looks like he is still carrying a little puppy fat compared to the “real” GC boys, but stranger things have happened. Maybe its time for Basso or Vino to give Floyd a call to get one of those steroid patches that worked so well to claw back the big gap on Pereiro in the ’06 Tour. Just remember to take it off your nuts before bed boys!


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